Psalm 91 – Power Prayer for Protection

Welcome to Psalm, that protection Scripture that believers have turned to for thousands of years whenever danger loomed.  Nothing has changed.  Psalm 91 is still the Scripture on protection that folks turn to for strength and encouragement.  Many people of faith employed in the military, law enforcement and fire control start their days praying Psalm 91.  Many have family members who do the same.

On this Psalm 91 site:

  • Explore the promises of protection and blessing recorded in Psalm 91.
  • Learn to be more comfortable and more accurately praying Psalm 91 for yourself and for those you love.
  • Find invaluable resources like the free study on Release the Power of Psalm 91.
  • Start out with Psalm91 from five distinctly different translations.
  • Enjoy articles dealing with Psalm 91 verse-by-verse, an experiential study on Psalm 91.
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So, welcome to a great prayer adventure!  If you’ve read Scripture, but never prayed it, praying the Scripture on protectionPsalm 91, will be a new and empowering experience.

This may be your first experience with Scripture prayer.  Few of us grew up with this, so don’t be shy. Push past the newness and any discomfort.  That won’t take long.

Follow the simple instruction below to come to the place of feeling the power that releases when you actually pray the Word of God. This is where we want to be with Psalm 91. Sounding intriguing?  Thought so!

Most of us who grew up with prayer learned to pray prayers written by other people. Praying Psalm 91 is not really any different.

Psalm 91 is a script penned by either David or Moses (The jury is still out on the authorship!).  But, it IS written by a spiritual giant who was inspired by the Spirit of God.  Be confident in the source! And, confidently enter into praying Psalm 91!

Before getting started, I suggest you print off copies of Psalm 91 from five different translations.  When looking for Scriptures on protection, this is a goldmine!

Follow the preceding link to pick up five I prepared to get you started.   One or two different translations will really resonate with you.  Focus on them.  But, you won’t know which translations fit you until you try a few.

Psalm 91-Take 1:  The Simple Method to praying the 91 Psalm

Use the script of Psalm 91 and make it personal by changing the pronouns.  Make it personal.  Pray it from an “I” or “We” perspective.  Such a change will alter the wording just a bit, without subtracting from the truth and power in the passage. But, praying this way puts you in the very middle of that truth and power of Psalm 91.

If you have not prayer Scripture before, this may seem odd.  Hang in there anyway. It is a prayer of proclamation, a proclamation of faith.  This form of prayer is very different from the prayer of supplication or asking.  It’s like taking off in a hang glider: whole new point of view.

Look at Psalm 91:1 taken from the NKJV:

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

You could simply pray:

I dwell in the secret place of the Most High

And I shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty


We dwell in the secret place of the Most High

And We shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty

Continue repeating your prayer, letting it sink deep into your spirit.  Feel the change that begins to take place.

Psalm 91-Take 2:  The Longer Method to Praying the 91 Psalm

The better method, if you have the time, is to take time pondering the content of Psalm 91:1.

  • Let it roll around on the inside of you a bit.
  • Let it speak to you and become your own.

The Lord may speak to you about the meaning of “abiding” and what He is wanting you to experience. Wonderful!  You’ve tapped into the work of the Holy Spirit, your Teacher.

Let’s suppose this has happened.  Your Psalm 91 prayer would sound something like this:

Lord, I have made a decision to dwell in Your secret place, the secret place of the Most High.  This is the intent of my heart, but I need your help to stay consistent in staying there, in abiding under Your shadow, O Most High. In my own strength this is impossible.  But, in You, O Lord, all things are possible.   !

Can you see how much more personal, more dialogue-like this prayer is?  Now you have something specific you are asking of the Lord…something specific to look for as He responds.

This sort of prayer builds relationship, trust and faith.  Your prayer is based on what God has said in one of the foremost Scriptures on protection.

This will supercharge your spiritual growth!

Which Method Do You Need for Praying Psalm 91?

The Quick and Simple Method of Praying Psalm 91:

works well when your back is against the wall and you need to encourage yourself in the Lord right NOW.

I use this simple method when I’m in a tight spot and my emotions are out of control…or threatening to be out of control.  You’re familiar with those kinds of times, right?

Write out your own simple prayer version of Psalm 91.

  • Print it off.
  • Tape a copy of your Psalm 91 prayer wherever you tend to stand in mindless activity, like folding laundry.
  • Put another in your wallet.
  • What about the glove compartment of your car?
  • Keep them handy to pray often.

Before long, this Psalm 91 prayer will be written on your heart.  You’ll find yourself praying it often because it brings such strength and peace.

The Longer Method of Praying Psalm 91:

has the possibility of being more than a prayer.  This method of meditating on Scripture is actually a way of hearing God.  The more time you give it, the more you hear.  So, the more labor intensive way of the longer method is also a way of spiritual growth!  For more information about meditating on Scripture, go to .


I used this method of meditation and prayer to develop No Storm Too Great! The process of developing this Psalm 91 prayer lasted about six months.  This was a challenging time in my life.  Working with Psalm91 gave me the strength of God to come through it stronger and wiser for the experience.

In those six months I wrote two hours and twenty minutes worth of prayers based on a 16-verse Psalm91 and related Scriptures.  These prayers were a balm of peace and healing for me and have been for countless others since the release of this cd set.  Check it out!

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  1. Jordan Hydro says:

    You are collaborating with some Huge name. This stuff is very impressive.

  2. Rosa Miller says:

    Hello, I found your site via Plumblines blog.Very inspiring. I will be ordering that cd set soon! Blessings, Rosa Miller

  3. Jeanie R says:

    Welcome, Rosa! Come back often. I’d love feedback on what I am doing here developing resources for the study of Psalm 91. I’m especially excited about breaking the video barrier with this project. You can see the latest at
    Blessings to you and yours!
    Jeanie R

  4. Rachel says:

    Please DO NOT take this holy prayer into ANY restroom! Restrooms are foul places and if you have any spiritual sensitivity you will not do this. I am a fully observant Jew. If you are going to take our prayers and use them, you need to listen to what I am telling you. The heavenly realm does not accept Tehillim coming from foul places. Shalom.

  5. Eldiee says:

    There is no place where God isn’t present and listening. If even you are in the bowels of a pit and you call upon his name. he shall hear you and shall never ever forsake you. Call on God’s name wherever you are and whenever you or others may need him. God’s presence has no boundaries!

  6. mili says:

    Amen to that!! Romans 10:13 and Joel 2:32

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