Psalm 91 Study Resource

Last night I came across this website with some really interesting study materials.  The materials are not comprehensive by any means, but I found myself planning a return visit to this website as I slipped off to sleep last night.  This is not usual behavior for me.  Ordinarily I am asleep by the time my head hits the pillow. There is no time for next-day plans once I reach this point.

Psalm 91 study resources
 So my point here is this: if this website can cause me to lose a few moments of sleep because of my excitement over it, then I need to pass it on to you!


 Go check it out and here is why:

For starters, there are several translations of Psalm 91.  This is valuable in itself.  All on one page…print it off!  When I instruct folks in how to pray Scripture, I always recommend using more than one translation. Finding more than one can be a nuisance.  Here the work is done for you.

Then in the side-bar find links to sermons, commentaries, and exegesis by some of the fathers of the faith like Matthew Henry.  This is where I sat like a kid in a candy shop just filling up on the offerings. I'm going back tonight to re-read and be inspired to greater faith.

And by the way, if you haven't signed up for my own free study of Psalm 91, Releasing the Power of Psalm 91, then by all means do so now! 

Shalom. shalom!

Jeanie R

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