Psalm 91 Study

Psalm 91 Study

In these days of war and every conceivable violence, both man-made and nature wrought, most of us are looking for a safe harbor, some assurance of safety.   Many believers turn to Psalm 91.  They read it, recite it, pray and proclaim it.  Soldiers carry it to war.  Folks facing hair-raising danger stick copies of it in their pockets, tape it up in various places in their homes.

If you have not done this yourself, you may be asking, “Why?  Is Psalm 91 some magical incantation or the like?”  You may be feeling a bit skeptical.  Understandably.
But, no magic here!  Psalm 91 is a powerhouse of promises accompanied by a few very clear conditions for qualifying.  These required conditions are simple but take some time to establish.  The requirements are really about exercising faith on a regular basis and having your faith grow as a result.  This opportunity of protection and blessing is available to everyone who meets the requirements.  Interested?  Read on.

Psalm 91 and Faith

Exercising faith as described in Psalm 91 leaves you in a position to claim the promises found in Psalm 91.  Did you know that God not only wants to protect you, but He also wants to deliver you into a place of freedom and abundance.  Most folks don’t read far enough in Psalm 91 to get to that part.  Or, the abundance of life that God is promising seems far too good to believe and  some readers just move on by.
So, let’s say you are interested in the assurance of the Psalm 91 safe harbor, the protective arms of your Father around you, but you just haven’t gotten there yet.  Psalm 91 is just a collection of words on the page for you.  Where do you start?

Psalm 91: A Faith-Building Study

Start with a good study of the Psalm. It’s that simple.  Get to know the meanings of the Psalm 91 words, the few steps to qualify, the amazing blessings that are promised…clear to the end of the passage.  Engage in a study that requires a response from you, one that will encourage a deepening of your relationship with God and will help expand your faith.  Get to the power of Psalm 91.  One such study we make available as a free online series called Release the Power of Psalm 91.  Thousands have gone through this course to report an assortment of amazing results.
A study like this can deeply impact your life.  You are spiritually strengthened.  Your mind is being renewed by this Word of God found in Psalm 91 and you will be different for as you think in your heart, so are you (Proverbs 23:7).  When the winds of adversity blow, you will be peacefully abiding up under the wings of the Almighty, wings that defy any storm you can imagine.
Invest your time in a study of Psalm 91 and begin to reap the rewards as so many already have.  Get started today!  Why wait?  Sign up and I will meet you there.
Pressing for greater faith,  Jeanie R

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